Travel Request Upgraded by Grantors

Travel Request Upgraded by Grantors
Travel Request Upgraded by Grantors

To keep up with the increasing demand for our travel assistance, Compass to Care needed to enhance our web-based platform to streamline information flow from the moment a parent learns about our organization to the last day we provide funding to get his/ her child to treatment. Building this platform was essential for us to be able to scale our support, without a substantial increase in personnel.

NewLogoCropWe are so grateful to the Dubuque Racing Association and the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation for funding this project. We have nowsc_trial1 been using the system for several months, and are excited about the new capabilities this platform is offering our organization and the families we support.

The key functionality that has been developed in our system includes the following:

  1. Our new system does not allow duplicate trips to be entered.
  2. When rates change for travel expenses, like the updated IRS mileage rates, we can quickly implement this in our family’s payment calculations so they are funded appropriately
  3. Automatic emails are now sent to parents with all trip details once we have marked them as paid.  This keeps our parents informed about the support they are receiving from our organization and provides a sense of relief knowing that they funds are on their cards and available for use as they take their child to cancer treatment.
  4. A notification is now being sent to our team if the family marks that they need either airfare or lodging so we can promptly fulfill their request.
  5. An urgent notification is being sent to our team if a new trip is added for either today or tomorrow, allowing us to promptly meet the needs of our families if they must take an emergency trip to the hospital for their child’s care.
  6. Each time a family is paid for a trip, they receive an email that includes: Total Number of Trips Funded, Total Amount Spent, and Average Cost Per Trip. This keeps them informed of the support we have offered over the course of our relationship with them.


Reporting is of high importance for our organization, as we share this information with our donors and grantors.  Continuing to be able to easily run these reports was of high importance to us. Our new system allows us to efficiently capture the following information:

  • List of parents with their contact information, and the name of their child
  • List of children with type of cancer, date we started supporting them, name, contact information, type of travel
  • Family payment data that includes: destination name, trip name, cost for each individual travel expense, total reimbursement, total direct bill, total payment, form of payment, assigned to grant, date paid
  • List of all kids currently in treatment
  • List of all kids by hospital destination
  • List of all kids by person who referred
  • List of all kids by oncologist who is treating
  • Total miles traveled during a specific timeframe
  • List of all trips paid for by a specific grant

And we save the best for last… One of the best modifications in our process and procedures with our new system is our application is now online!  No longer does Sandy Ernsdorff have to take the faxed applications and input all of the data into Salesforce.  The social workers or doctors can now quickly refer a family for support online. Once this online referral is completed, the family will receive an email with the link to the application so they can complete it online too.   All of the data goes directly into Salesforce and our team is notified that a new application is ready for review.

Not only does this eliminate the manual entry of data, it also speeds up the approval process so that we can quickly get families on board if they qualify for our support.

We are truly grateful for the changes the Dubuque Racing Association and the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation made possible via their grants.

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