Welcome to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Welcome to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!
Welcome to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Is it September already?! To many parents out there, September means one thing: time for school! And time for school means sports practices, band rehearsals, homework and many trips back and forth to school so that kids have the best chance to succeed.

Now imagine all those trips back and forth are not to school, but to the pharmacy, the clinic, the proton center, and the hospital for cancer treatment, all so that your child has the best chance to survive.

We all know the reality of filling up the gas tank, paying for parking or finding change for the tollbooth. But only the parents of a child with cancer can understand the true urgency of these costs. Choosing between going on vacation or flying your child across the country for cancer treatment might be an easy choice, but what if you had to choose between keeping the electricity on or paying for daily trips to the hospital for chemotherapy?

Compass to Care Childhood Cancer Foundation does not want any parent of a child with cancer to have to choose between needs like hot water and radiation therapy. That’s why, with your help, we are able to cover the travel expenses associated with childhood cancer treatment.

Please consider making a donation to Compass to Care this September, to show your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and make a difference in the lives of the 100+ families we are currently helping!

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