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Let’s All Replace the Lace for Kids With Cancer!

Replace the Lace is an annual event in September (childhood cancer awareness month) where we raise awareness about childhood cancer by replacing our shoelaces. We encourage community members, classmates, teammates, family, and friends to replace their regular shoelaces with our custom gold laces. These proceeds will help cover the travel expenses for the children we serve. How can you help?

If you are a teacher or school administrator… You can setup a fundraising event at your school and have all of the kids (& staff) replace their laces during September.

If you are a coach… You can get your entire team to buy and change their shoelaces at a game in September.

If you are an individual… Buy laces for yourself and as gifts for family & friends.

Teachers, School Administrators & Coaches

We have two ways to get your school involved.

  • DIRECT PURCHASE: The school purchases the laces directly for the kids. Each pair of laces is sold for $5. After you sign up your school, we will be in touch with a bulk purchase form.
  • PARENT PURCHASE: We will setup a unique, online ordering form, after you sign up online. You will send out a letter letting your parents know your school will be Replacing The Lace for kids with cancer. Parents will use this link to order the laces for their children. After the deadline to purchase passes, we will send the bulk order to your school with a list of buyers for disbursement.

If you are interested in hosting a student assembly to share information about all of the kids who will benefit from the funds raised, we would love to discuss this with you.  Just email us at

Get More Information

There are so many fun, and unique ways to raise money to help Compass to Care’s kids travel for treatment. Contact us to discuss the opportunities for you, your team, or your school!

Where Does the Money Go?

To our Compass to Care Families, of course! The donations you collect may be small individually, but together, they add up. Every dollar helps cover the costs our families face when traveling to and from their child’s cancer treatment.

Documents You Can Use

We have created these documents that you can download and use to help you promote Replace the Lace:

Program Overview

Replace the Lace Brochure

Promotional Poster – BUY HERE 8 1/2 x11

Promotional Poster – BUY HERE – add custom info 8 1/2 x 11

Promotional Poster – BUY HERE 11 x 17

Promotional Poster – BUY HERE – add custom info 11×17

Sample Press Release

Group Order Form (use this form if one person will purchase for the group)

Inventory Estimate Form (use this form if individuals from your group will purchase)


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