Seeking Community Outreach Committee Members

Seeking Community Outreach Committee Members
Seeking Community Outreach Committee Members

Are you interested in joining a Community Outreach Committee to help kids travel for cancer treatment?

Compass to Care is currently seeking individuals who are looking for a great, entrepreneurial opportunity to help children who are braving cancer get to their homes for cancer treatment.

The ideal candidates for this committee…

  • have school-aged children, or
  • have connections in the local school systems, or
  • are connected to the community via their community activities or church.

What are the goals of the individual committee members?
As a committee member, you will commit to accomplishing one, or all, of the following tasks:

  • Help raise funds for this charity by working to organize fundraising activities with local schools
  • Help set up local community fundraising efforts
  • Seek find speaking and educational opportunities for the foundation
  • Help raise awareness about pediatric cancer

How will you be asked to carry out these activities? Here are a few examples:

  • Securing a local school, or school district, to sell gold shoelaces that the kids will wear during the month of September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Does your school or church have a bake sale where they donate proceeds to a charity?¬† Could you ask them if Compass to Care can become the charity?
  • Would you be willing to ask a local business to have a Compass to Care Day and donate a portion of their sales to help our kids. (We think Chipotle and Panera already have this type of fundraising. We just need people to contact them and set it up on our behalf).
  • Would you be willing to host an in home tea or cocktail and invite your family, friends and colleagues to learn more about Compass to Care?
  • We are trying to spread the word about Compass to Care. So if your business group or church group or local Rotary invites speakers, we would love to be invited to present!

Ultimately, we want to spread the word about Compass to Care and raise some additional funds to help support our mission. We just need people on our outreach committee to make it happen.

All committee members must attend an informational session to learn about the Compass to Care mission and how their efforts will truly make a difference for kids and families who are bravely fighting childhood cancer.

If interested in learning more, please contact Anna Polyak at


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