Seeking Partners For A Cure

Compass to Care is seeking to develop relationships with corporations that can help provide relief for families who must travel for their child’s cancer care.  Partners can provide support via financial contributions and in-kind donations. Please contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

Airline Airfare Miles Partnership

Last minute with multiple changes is how our families book airfare. Help make it affordable.

Gas Fuel Partner

Gassing up for trips to the hospital is frequent. Ease the amount families pay at the pump.

Hotels Lodging

Lodging can be necessary for extended periods of time. Help ease this burden for our families.

Car Rental Company

Travel can require car rental, taxi, train, or bus. Give families access to what they need.

Parking Partnership Kids with Cancer

Parking fees can get quite expensive over time. Help reduce this cost for our families.

Clinical Trial Company Partners for Kids with Cancer

Kids must get to the trial sites for treatment. Help us make it possible every time.

Grants to Help Kids with Cancer Travel

Your mission focuses on health, kids or access to healthcare? We can help you reach that mission.


We are grateful to have the support of the following Journey Partners…

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