As sure as we live and breathe, every day will present challenges of one kind or another. One way to overcome those challenges, is to look ahead to what the future may bring. We hope that things will get better. We hope that what we are doing matters. We hope we can just make it through this. Hope is what keeps us going, it is why we do what we do every day.

Just look into the eyes of a parent of a child with cancer, and you will see hope. Sometimes it is harder to see than at others, but it is always there.

“I just attended the beautiful wedding of a very special woman. No one knew 43 years ago whether my daughter would ever grow up into the woman that she is today. Because when Michelle was 14 months old we were told that she had a Wilms Tumor (cancer of the kidney).

Of course we were devastated. The dark days that followed were very hard on us and on her little body. We watched her go from a chubby little baby, to a baby that was wasting away because of the surgery, chemo and radiation that she had to go through.

But one thing we always had was hope and faith. The reason I am writing this is to give hope to all who are going through what we went through. The medicines get better every year for a cure for childhood cancer. Our prayers, family and friends got us through those days, but we never gave up hope that she would one day grow up. Just remember there is always hope. Take one day at a time and never give up. God Bless you and your child.”

-Sandy Ernsdorff

Sandy is the mother of our founder and childhood cancer survivor, Michelle Ernsdorff-May. Thank you, Sandy and Mike, for never giving up hope.


(l to r) Sandy Ernsdorff, Matt May, Michelle Ernsdorff-May, and Mike Ernsdorff, celebrating Michelle & Matt’s recent wedding.

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