Freshman. Lacrosse Player. Philanthropist.

Freshman. Lacrosse Player. Philanthropist.
Freshman. Lacrosse Player. Philanthropist.

Growing up south of Chicago, Connor Watson was told he would never be good enough to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. He took this criticism to heart, worked hard, and received five offers to play lacrosse in college.

“Anyone who gets told their dreams are not reachable should work harder and harder. I was told I was not good enough to play college lacrosse anywhere. Well, I am here, playing lacrosse for Clarke University and supporting a charity,” Connor shared.

That charity is Compass to Care. Connor learned about Compass to Care last fall, during a new student scavenger hunt in downtown Dubuque. At that time, he bought Replace The Lace shoelaces and promised to try and get his new lacrosse team to participate. He succeeded. The Clarke Men’s Lacrosse team purchased our custom, gold shoelaces and will be wearing them for the entire season. Lacrosse_ReplaceTheLace

Then he came up with another way to support kids with cancer. Incentive play.

At the end of the current lacrosse season, Connor will make a donation to Compass to Care that is based on his, and the team’s, play throughout the season. For example, for every game the team wins, he will donate five dollars. Being a defenseman, he is also donating fifty cents for each ground ball he gets. (Connor assures us he averages five or six per game.) Here is a complete list of his incentives:


This first-year elementary education major does not have a personal connection with childhood cancer, and is not doing this for fame, but because he truly believes in our mission.

“I decided to raise funds for Compass to Care because the cause is really worthy. I can understand that travel can be very expensive for parents with kids that have cancer. I thought that if I could help alleviate the burden for just travel expenses to get to a hospital for treatment, then the families would have one less thing to worry about,” he explained.

“I always dreamed of doing something like this. Being able to play college lacrosse, while I am supporting a charity that I think has a good message/mission behind it. I am very excited to be doing this for Compass to Care and really looking forward to donating based upon my performance – and any other donations I get along the way,” Conner continued.

Sadly, the Pride has started its third season with a loss, but has high hopes for the rest of the season – which continues through the end of April. The young team hosts only three home games this season (see the full schedule here: and is on the road for eight more. We encourage you to join us on the sidelines for at least one of them! Let’s cheer Connor and the Clarke Pride on as they raise funds for our kids!

To make a donation to Compass to Care in Connor’s honor, click here: To Donate_Click Here

What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a combination of hockey, soccer, basketball, and football. It is very interactive team sport. Ten players are on the field at a time for each team. There is one goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackmen. Points are scored by getting the lacrosse ball past the goalie and into the net.  Here is a list of men’s field lacrosse positions:



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