Join us for Compass to Care’s

We are currently making plans for our
2018 Fashion Show

Check back in early May for details!



Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors

About Our Fashion Show

First Responders will be models.
Everyone will have fun.
Everyone will absolutely laugh.
Everyone will enjoy Corona and great wine.
Everyone will see the latest fashion.
Everyone will meet great new people.
Everyone will learn about Compass to Care.
Everyone will help kids get to cancer treatment.
Everyone will make a difference.
Everyone will remember this night!

How Your Support Makes A Difference

" I had to quit my job to stay with my son. We were in no way able to take all of this on. I cry when I think about how helpful Compass to Care has been to us. Without foundations like yours, we would be in a world of hurt. 


Trevor's Mom


Sometimes it feels like my choice is to either pay for our bills at home or pay for the trip for Charvion’s chemo. Compass to Care has gives us the money for travel so I no longer have to make such a difficult decision.  I appreciate it so much. 


Charvion's Mom

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