Charvion Fights Leukemia

The Children We Support

Compass to Care welcomes the requests of families who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your child is under the age of 18, has been diagnosed with cancer, and is currently in an active cancer treatment.
  • You must be traveling at least 60 miles (one way) to reach the hospital for your child’s treatment.
  • Your family can demonstrate a financial need.
  • You must live in and be traveling within the contiguous United States.

The Approval Process

  • Your child’s Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker must initiate the process by referring your family for support.
  • Once you have been referred, you will receive a link to complete the application.
  • Compass to Care will contact you within 3 days to discuss support.

Our Cancer Travel Support

  • A Cancer Travel Navigator to make travel arrangements, if necessary
  • Payments for the following, based on your need:
  • Airfare, Bus Fare, Car Rental, Train Fare
  • Lodging, Gasoline, Parking, Taxi, Tolls

Family Requirements

  • Receive a referral from their child’s doctor
  • Sign a contractual agreement
  • Have a SSN
  • Agree to be audited at any time
  • Notfiy us at (312) 515-9490 if become ineligible for any reason


If you are a Doctor, Nurse, or Social Worker and would like to refer a child and family to Compass to Care for support, you will need the online link to start the application process. We only provide this link to approved medical staff.  If you are a Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker, please contact us at (563) 231-0458 or from your work email to get access to our online referral form.

Once you have completed the referral, a link will be sent to the family to complete their portion of the application for support.

If you are a parent who needs assistance from Compass to Care, you must ask your child’s Doctor, Nurse, or Social Worker to refer you for support.

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