Charvion Fights Leukemia

The Children We Support

Compass to Care welcomes the requests of families who meet the following eligibility requirements:


  • Your child is under the age of 18, has been diagnosed with cancer, and is currently in an active cancer treatment.
  • Your family can demonstrate a financial need.
  • You must live in and be traveling within the contiguous United States.

The Approval Process

  • Complete the application
  • Have your child’s Doctor complete the referral form
  • Fax completed application to (312) 276-4524
  • Compass to Care will contact you within 3 days to discuss support

Our Cancer Travel Support

  • A Cancer Travel Navigator to make travel arrangements, if necessary
  • Payments for the following, based on your need:
  • Airfare, Bus Fare, Car Rental, Train Fare
  • Lodging, Gasoline, Parking, Taxi, Tolls

Family Requirements

  • Receive a referral from their child’s doctor
  • Sign a contractual agreement
  • Have a SSN
  • Agree to be audited at any time
  • Notfiy us at (312) 515-9490 if become ineligible for any reason

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