Compass to Care remains committed to being completely transparent and provide open communication about governance, finances, strategy, and impact. Below are all documents demonstrating this commitment. If you would like further information, please contact us at any time.

Impact Reports

Our Annual Impact Report gives donors a clear view of how its funding is making an impact in the lives of kids with cancer.

IRS Form 990

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, Compass to Care makes available its most recent IRS Form 990.

Conflict of Interest

Per Section 8 of the Compass to Care Bylaws, a Conflict of Interest policy has been fully adopted by the foundation and its Board of Directors.

  • Download the Conflict of Interest Policy

Donor Privacy Policy

Our Donor Privacy Policy provides a level of comfort with our donors that their information will not be used for any reason other than to fulfill their donation.

Document Retention Policy

The Document Retention Policy specifies how important documents will be retained, protected, and eligible for destruction.

  • Download the Document Retention Policy

Non Discrimination Policy

Compass to Care commits to acting in a non-discriminatory manner in all programs, services, employment, and interactions.

  • Download the Non Discrimination Policy


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